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Najico Universal Joints, Najico Heat exchangers, Najico Rolling stock parts, Najico Large-scale heat exchangers

Najico Universal joints business ¡öUniversal Joint Universal joints are used to connect shafts to transmit motive power. Motive power from motors or reduction devices is transmitted to parts such as rolls, wheels and propellers. In particular, universal joints are used in cases where the 2 shafts are separately located or angled and are also referred as adjustable joints. Series Joint swing diameter£¨mm) Max. torque range(kNm) Max. angle Features Major applications A Series 100¡«180 2.3¡«12 25¡ã Full round design yokes with snap rings Paper making machines,Printing machines¡¢Small marine vessels,Railroad rolling stocks,Gondla lifts,Steel mill stands,Pumps,Air blowers,Film drawing machines,Vibrating machines,Other general machinery 190 Series 225¡«350 16.5¡«80 15¡ã Cap alignment based on split design yokes Railroad rolling stocks,Marine vessels,Paper making machines,Ceiling traveling crane,Pumps,Steel mill stands,Pipe making installations,Other general machinery P Series 180¡«1200 29¡«8660 10¡ã Cap alignment through serration Steel mill stands,Crushing machines,Resin production machines S Series 315¡«1200 205¡«12000 3¡ã Cap alignment through serration Steel, Non-ferrous metal mill stands E Series 315¡«1200 235¡«13200 6¡ã Split design yokes Steel, Non-ferrous metal mill stands ¡öSAFETYFIT This device expands the hydraulic chamber in the SAFETYFIT and tightens the internal SAFETYFIT diameter to grip the shaft and transmit motive power via the friction-contact area. Transmitted power is proportionate to hydraulic pressure and the friction-contact area slips when the actual torque exceeds the set torque while hydraulic pressure is simultaneously released, creating an idling status and thereby protecting the device from damage caused by events such as maximum torque. In addition, this technology is also applied to shaft fixing and elimination of gaps between shafts. Applications Purpose Available shaft diameter (mm) Torque range (kNm) Installation Hydraulic torque limiter Protection of machine from excessive torque 30¡«720 0.3¡«7180 Rolling mill stands, Crusher, Substitution for Shear-pin type joints Hydraulic rigid coupling Resolution and reduction of chatter marks 80¡«330 0.3¡«372 Cold rolling mill, Temper mill, Piercer mill Hydraulic cutter holder Fixing cutter to shaft 100¡«400 --- Holder separators for slitters

Najico Rolling stock parts business Established in 1929 as an automotive parts sales company, delivery of automotive parts as ¡°Purveyor to the Ministry of Railways¡± in 1935 marked the beginning of Najico¡¯s history as a company engaged in the sale of railway-related products with the focus on parts for railway rolling stock. Najico is engaged in procurement of products for on-site locomotives not only for all JR companies, but also for private railways, coastal railways, third-sector companies and iron manufacturers, etc. nationwide. To ensure speedy response to the urgent needs of its customers, some parts for railway rolling stock are managed through ¡°Najico Moriya Satellite Station,¡± Shinnajicokosan Co., Ltd., a group company that constitutes the logistics division. Additionally, Najico is engaged in the development and proposal of new products designed to meet customer requirements. Najico makes every effort to take on board the requirements and needs of both customers and manufacturers to ensure that the approach taken in meeting these needs is ideal from the perspectives of both sides.

Najico Heat exchangers business Najico began manufacture of heat exchangers in 1952 and developed the group company Nakamura Jico Taiseiseisakusho Co., Ltd. in 1953 to take on the responsibilities of the manufacturing division. The company participated in trial production of a heat exchanger for diesel rolling stock for the National Railways in 1957 and, after the technology had been recognized, went on to supply the product for use on diesel rolling stock for the Egyptian national Railways the following year. At the present time, Najico mainly supplies heat exchangers for railway rolling stock, hydraulic machinery, construction machinery, control devices, information devices and medical devices, etc. Najico is engaged in the design and sale of copper and aluminum heat exchangers

Najico Large-scale heat exchangers business The launch of the Gifu Plant in 1989 heralded the beginning of design, manufacture and sale of large-scale heat exchangers that have since been supplied for use in gas-turbine power generators. To heighten competitiveness in 2005, manufacture was transferred to the group company Nakamura Jico Fukagawa Factory Co., Ltd. Large-scale heat exchangers are used in power generation plants, co-generation plants, compressors and for the cooling of semiconductor fabrication furnaces as well as for other applications.

Improvement and Development of Products To realize technical improvements in universal joints and heat exchangers, Najico established its Technical Research Facility in 1964 with the aim of conducting performance and strength testing, carrying out research into materials, improving products and developing production technology. ¡ömore infomation ¡öISO9001 Najico acquired ISO9001 accreditation for its large-scale CS Coolers in 1995 and this was followed by step-by-step acquisition of accreditation for each of its places of business. This process was completed in 1999 with acquisition of accreditation for its company-wide uniform quality system. Based on this quality-management system, Najico is engaged in a ongoing process of improving the quality of products and services supplied to its customers and all Najico employees work daily toward achievement of the company quality policy of ¡°Building Quality trusted throughout the World.¡±

Najico Universal Joints, Najico Heat exchangers, Najico Rolling stock parts, Najico Large-scale heat exchangers

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