JTEKT Corporation是日本大型的工业设备制造商,主要产品有万向联轴器,机床,轴承等产品,产品广泛地应用于汽车制造,钢铁轧机,工业制造等行业.

JTEKT steering systems are intuitive and easy to operate for anyone who drives a vehicle. We take pride in our track record as one of the world's top total system suppliers. Bearings are indispensable to a wide range of products manufactured by the automotive, semiconductor, home appliance, aerospace, machine tooling industries. As industrial technology advances, so too does the demand for more versatile and advanced bearings that last longer, weigh less, and rotate at greater speeds than ever before. Quiet yet efficient, JTEKT driveline products are designed to ensure safety and performance under any conceivable driving condition. JTEKT is proud of its strong reputation with customers around the world as a global supplier of driveline products. JTEKT offers integrated solutions for high and ultrahigh precision metal cutting applications that assure consistent quality and stable production for component parts such as those used in electronic devices or automotive engines and chassis. JTEKT offers a varied lineup of high performance mechatronic products, including measuring instruments as well as controllers and operation panels. Our advanced technology and expertise are evident in JTEKT's lineup of sensor products, which are known for quality, accuracy, and reliability.


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