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CRM-2010 Standby-Energy-Management Our new battery test instrument includes all measurement facilities to build up a comprehensive battery management system. You have now combined all the necessary features to check your batteries with one single instrument. Our safe resistance measurement method securePULSE will help to archive reliable and secure resistance readings

G. Jost - electronic is developing and producing battery test equipment since 1986. Customers all over the world trust in our measurement systems, where safety-relevant and quality-assurance battery tests must be performed. The TMC-2001E is our entry battery tester for professional battery maintenance tasks. Thousands of these systems are in use world-wide. The CRM-2010 is our state of the art battery tester. Determination of the internal and electrochemical resistance of a battery block is easily performed.

CS-4001/127 Our new CS-4001/127 is equipped with a modern user interface, based on an embedded LINUX computer, TFT-Display and easy to use rotary-push-button. Use the measurement system as a stand-alone, remote controlled, or even as a Web-Server to perform capacity tests over the Internet. Combine the CS-4001 with an electronic load to build up a state of the art capacity test system. (Capacity testing is the only way to determine the exact state of health (SOA) of a battery.)

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