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TECNOINGRANAGGI | Company Originally established in 1988 in the province of Bologna, Tecnoingranaggi soon took its place alongside the top manufacturers of low backlash planetary gearboxes, quickly becoming a key player in the manufacture of precision gear units for the robotics and motion control industry, as well as any precision application requiring smooth operation, a robust dependable construction at a competitive price-quality point. The strategy ensured the company's success both in the domestic and in foreign market places, with sales turnover doubling four times since the company’s foundation, and annual production currently totalling more than 40.000 complete units marketed through a sales network that spans over four continents. From the gearing, the core part of the unit, to its casing, every unit is entirely designed and manufactured by Tecnoingranaggi skilled personnel. Each decision, affecting every aspect of the gearbox characteristics is the result of the know-how, in-process controls and empirical and theoretical knowledge developed over the time by Tecnoingranaggi long time experienced engineers. Backed by considerable investments in calculation and testing equipment, the specifications listed in the catalogue are proven, so customers can safely rely on catalogue ratings. One curious outcome to emerge from our success is that smaller size manufacturers, aware of the reputation awarded to our products, have frequently resorted to copying our designs, to such an extent that we now advise our customers to request a certificate of origin for their equipment. Tecnoingranaggi facilities cover 3300 m2, with manufacturing taking approx. 2000 m2. Ten CNC machines of the latest generation run at their full capacity to guarantee the precision and consistency that Customers expect from a quality product. After production parts are approved by the QA, a highly efficient automatic retrieval warehouse stores all components, identified and graded by tolerance and date of manufacture.

TECNOINGRANAGGI | Products The MP-TR and LC product range is the outcome of years of experience in the industry, and is the culmination of our decade-long dedication to performance enhancement. Comprising a wide range of low backlash planetary gearboxes, the units come in a range of precision classes up to 3', and are available in seven gear frame sizes, with one or more reduction stages for gearing ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000. Double shaft (IS), right angle shaft (G) and right angle output shaft (MB) versions are also available. All this, combined with tens of motor mounting adapters held in stock, mean we can quickly respond to the most diverse application requirements of our customers. LC: Low-backlash gearboxes (6'...15') MP: Low-backlash gearboxes (10'...17') TR: Low-backlash gearboxes (3'...7') SL: Precision gearboxes for pulley drives KR: Precision right-angle gearboxes LCK: Precision right-angle gearboxes

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