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Couplings For more than 30 years, GERWAH has specialized in trail-blazing couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. Our portfolio includes metal bellow, elastomer, safety, and magnetic couplings. From industrial machinery of all kinds to servo systems, linear or high-speed drivers: customers from all around the globe rely on the precision of our components. Contains: Magnetic Couplings, Metal Bellows Couplings, Servo Insert Couplings, Safety Couplings, RING-flex? torsionally rigid Disc Couplings Browse Couplings Special Solutions Customized concepts of best quality: our portfolio offers a wide range of different products. But in everyday operation, problems which cannot be solved by the products in our standard portfolio may arise. For theses cases, we offer our customers our Special Solutions - customized systems which draw on almost three decades of experience and expertise. Browse Special Solutions

Magnetic Couplings
Magnetic couplings made by GERWAH are absolutely wear- and abrasion-free - lengthy downtimes due to maintenance or repair are a thing of the past. The synchronous and hysteresis couplings transmit power without establishing direct contact. This qualifies them for a large number of fields of application: from use in hygienically sensible areas to overload protection in really big industrial machines, in recycling facilities or as brakes.

Contains: Magnetic hysteresis couplings, Magnetic synchronous couplings, Special solution: hysteresis & synchronous couplings
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Metal Bellows Couplings
Metal bellows couplings made by GERWAH are the perfect choice in many areas where torsionally rigid and backlash-free shaft connections are required. Our high-quality products can compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments and transmit the rotational angle with highest precision. Compact shape and low moments of inertia can be taken for granted in our self-aligning couplings.

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Servo Insert Couplings
Backlash-free, vibration-damping, with a plug-in mounting: GERWAH's elastomer couplings are used in driving technology when precise, low-vibration power transmission is required. The flexible elements compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments of the shafts. Depending on the chosen type, the couplings are made for torques of up to 650 Nm.

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Safety Couplings
Farewell to breakdowns, overload, and collisions: GERWAH's safety couplings protect engines, servos and connections from damage due to operation errors or malfunction. In case of overload, the high-speed cut-out function of the coupling disconnects the backlash-free connection of driver and driven component within milliseconds.

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RING-flex? torsionally rigid Disc Couplings
Our torsionally rigid, flexible 'RING-flex?' disc couplings can compensate for angular, axial, and radial misalignments while transmitting torque backlash-free between driver and driven components. They operate without wear or maintenance, never need lubrication, and, due to their all-metal construction, are insensitive even to very high temperatures. RING-flex? couplings are pre-engineered to be connected to the shaft with variable RINGFEDER? keyless locking devices.


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