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Ettore Zanon has many years experience in manufacturing tube-bundle Heat Exchangers for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. Ettore Zanon can manufacture both medium and low pressure components as well as high pressure components for Urea plants, Hydrocrakers or other Petrochemical processes. zoom All the above mentioned Heat Exchangers can be made from several materials as solid, clad or lined. One of the most critical elements of this product range has always been the high standard of manufacturing allowed by a considerable availability of machine tools (including large dimension tools). This has guaranteed high reliability of our products throughout the years. Another peculiar characteristic of this product range is the level of excellence reached on the tube to tubesheet welds. Facing, welding and expanding phases are all carried out with machines that are fully automatic and capable of maintaining constant levels at the optimal parameters. Futhermore Ettore Zanon can carry out hydraulic pressure testing for tube lengths up to 4000 mm. zoom zoom Ettore Zanon can also manufacture Heat Exchangers where the tube to tubesheet are welded using an IBW process. These Heat Exchangers are always fabricated with automatic welding equipment and are always NDT checked.


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