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Since 1972, Xchanger heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers have been controlling temperature and humidity for the chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industries. Xchanger is a recognized leader, with over 20,000 installations world-wide. We are committed to meeting the challenge of making your processes faster, safer and more cost efficient. Our seven types of heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers are based on proven designs, but each heat exchanger is optimized for the particular demands of it's installation and built-to-order. Xchanger's custom heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers are designed for unique applications. Our custom heat exchangers use the same fin-tube or fin-plate heat transfer surfaces that we use in all of our products, but in combinations or configurations that are outside the norm for the typical blower aftercooler or heat exchanger. Our customer support/sales people are mechanical engineers, each with 10+ years of experience designing heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers for a wide range of applications, including: pneumatic conveying, blown film cooling, air separation, soil vapor extraction, biogas and landfill gas systems. Contact us today to discuss your heat exchanger or blower aftercooler application with a design engineer!

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