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Rubicon Industries Corp., designs, engineers and fabricates Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. We provide reliable, economic solutions for your process heat transfer requirements. Our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience have extensive knowledge in the manufacturing techniques required to produce quality heat transfer equipment. Industry Segments Serviced Chemical & Intermediates Fertilizers Food & Dairy Organic Batch Processing Petrochemical Pharmaceutical & Biotech Pulp & Paper Materials of Construction 300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless 2205, 2507 Hastelloy & Moly Bearing Alloys Nickel & Nickel Copper alloys Carbon Steel & Clad Process Designs TEMA B, C, R, API 660 Thermal Rating & Design CNC Machining & Drilling Positive Materials Identificaiton Weld Process Consideration Modular Systems & Configurations Sanitary Designs O-Ring Closures Sanitary Fittings & Clamps Billet Head Configurations Double Tubesheet Construction Fully Drainable. No Hold Up Designs Polished Surfaces to Ra Valves

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