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RENK联轴器, RENK工业齿轮, RENK传动装置, RENK海用齿轮箱, RENK轴承, RENK测试系统

In 1873, RENK was founded in Augsburg as mechanical workshop to manufacture any type of gears. Therefore the enterprise can look back on more than 130 years of experience and own development work in propulsion technology. Design and manufacture of intelligent connections between driving motor and processing machine, we have been cooperating on this field of propulsion technology with our customers for generations. Since 1923, RENK Aktiengesellschaft is a member of MAN group, one of the leading European offerers of capital goods. Today RENK is one of the worldwide acknowledged manufacturers of high-quality special gears, components of propulsion technology and test systems. RENK products excel by highest precision and reliability as well as excellent quality. Experience and creativity in development, design and manufacture guarantee RENK products a top position on the international market. We produce on three locations in Germany as well as at our associated companies in France and in the USA. RENK is divided into four independent strategic company divisions: Vehicle transmissions Comprise the vehicle transmission division at the Augsburg plant and the French affiliated company SESM. RENK is the leading manufacturer of tracked vehicle transmissions worldwide. Driving elements (slide bearings and flexible couplings) This business unit produces slide bearings as well as flexible couplings at the Hanover plant. The activities in bearing manufacture of the affiliated company RENK Corporation in the USA are part of this sector. RENK is also worldwide leading on the sector of electric machine bearings. Special-purpose propulsion systems (industrial and marine gears) The Augsburg plant is focused on the construction of special bull gears for marine and specific stationary applications whose performances reach values up to a limit of 140 MW. Broad-use propulsion systems (industrial and marine gears, couplings) The Rheine plant is specialised in the product ranges of general industrial and large marine gear units as well as in couplings of all design types. Moreover, the Augsburg-based RENK Test System GmbH manufactures testing rigs. The company delevops and builds ready-to-key test systems for development, manufacture and quality assurance of products of automotive, railways and aircraft industry. The test systems activities in the USA are handled by sales and service establishment RENK LABECO Test Systems.

Type Size Shaft ? Designation Application N 018...454 10...500 General electrical machinery compressors, fans pumps electrical machinery, shipbuilding A 098...353 16...220 ELCO elastic coupling B 149...353 19...220 S 123...324 19...200 W 259...341 45...200 KAZ 31...71 300...800 Shiftable clutch Marine drives Couplings Rheine plant The couplings made by RENK are used in all industrial fields of application. The range of the RENK plant in Rheine includes curved-tooth couplings, hight speed diaphragm and RAFLEX flexible disk couplings, HYGUARD safety couplings and TORLOC clamping elements as well as curved-tooth articulated spindles torques from 21 - 1500 kNm. Curved-tooth Couplings - Basic Design Series for Industry, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering use Design Type series Bore ? min/max. mm Basic design SB SBk/LBk 12-770 12-880 Basic design with retaining ring SBR SBRk/LBRk 12-400 12-240 With intermediate sleeve SBL SBLk/LBLk 12-770 12-880 Intermediate sleeve with retaining ring SRL SRLk/LRLk 12-400 12-240 Intermediate shaft SBG SBGk/LBGk 12-900 12-900 Intermediate shaft with retaining ring SRG SRGk 12-450 12-280 Brake disk for shoe brake SBD SBkD/LBkD 12-225 12-260 With brake disc for disk brake SBT SBkT/LBkT 12-225 12-260 Vertical type for oil or grease lubrication VSB 12-460 For grease lubrication only VLBk 12-260 With single-part coupling sleeve HBk 12-520 HYGUARD? Safety Couplings Design Type series Size Basic design B 30-220 Basic design with roller bearings BW 60-220 Option with integrated keyway BN 52-280 Option with integrated keyway and roller bearings BWN 50-185 Option with shaft part, bush and connecting flanges BWL 30-220 Combinations of Curved Tooth Coupling HYGUARD? Safety Coupling SB / BW 70/60 - 250/220 SBk / BW LBk / BW 70/60 - 225/200 SBL / BWL 30/30 - 220/220 SBLk / BWL 38/30 - 250/220 LBLk / BWL 38/30 - 225/200 Curved Tooth Coupling in Shear Pin Design HBBk 38-225 SBBk SBBLk TORLOC? Clamping Element TORLOC 30-220 RAFLEX Flexible Disk Couplings Design Type series Bore ? min/max. mm Basic design MSL 12-185 Types with intermediate shafts MSG Types for short shaft distances MEL Types with split spacer for vertical mounting and dismounting MFL 30-185 Types with clamping flange MKL 14-155 Design acc. to API 610 MSP 12-340 RAFLEX Flexible Disk Couplings, Hight-Speed Series Design Type series Bore ? min/max. mm "Reduced moment configuration" API 671 MTR 35-282 Flange design API 671 MTM 40-462 For pumps and compressors API 610 MTP 53-231 High-speed Diaphragm Couplings Design Type series Bore ? min/max. mm High-speed MCN/MCF 30-320 Curved-tooth Couplings, High-speed Series Design Type series Bore ? min/max. mm Non-split sleeve THB ZTN/ZTK 12-210 18-205 Split sleeve with Z- or U-section retaining ring TSB TSR 12-320 Non-split intermediate and hub sleeve TFH ZTA/ZTAK 12-280 18-270 Split intermediate sleeve TF 12-280 Split intermediate ZTF/ZTFK 18-270 Intermediate sleeve TSBL TRL ZTNH/ZTKH 12-320 18-280 Intermediate shaft Z-section retaining rings TRG 12-425

RENK联轴器, RENK工业齿轮, RENK传动装置, RENK海用齿轮箱, RENK轴承, RENK测试系统

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