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Pearson Electronics电流监测器,Pearson Electronics高压脉压转换器

Whether you are interested in observing and measuring submilliamp currents in a charged particle beam or thousands of amps resulting from a fault in a major power feeder, you will find a Pearson Current Monitor to suit your needs. The use of a patented distributed termination technique permits observation of rise times as short as two nanoseconds. Devices of larger inner diameter make possible the measurement of current in high voltage circuits without the risk of voltage breakdown. Several models feature double shielding for greater noise immunity and increased safety in high voltage applications. All models are sealed and are suitable for use in high voltage insulating oil or under vacuum. They can be connected to oscilloscopes, digital voltmeters, analog-to-digital convertors, and a variety of other measuring instruments

Pearson Electronics is pleased to celebrate its 55th year of designing and manufacturing Precision Wide Band Current Monitors, High Voltage Pulse Transformers, Capacitive Voltage Dividers, and providing technical support to the electronics marketplace. We would like to thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their continued support. Pearson Electronics remains committed to being the industry leader in this market.

Pearson Electronics电流监测器,Pearson Electronics高压脉压转换器


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