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意大利Flovex, Flovex热交换机, Flovex冷却器

意大利FLOVEX至今已有20多年的历史, 现已发展成为世界著名的热交换机和冷却器制造商, 已通ISO 9001认证.

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Flovex has been operating with recognized leadership and expertise in the field of heat exchangers. At the present time, more than 100.000 Flovex heat exchangers are in operation worldwide. A strong orientation to market and customer requirements has allowed Flovex to expand aver the years both on the nationai territory and in severai European countries with a continuous track record of high quality (IS0 9001).

A special care 15 taken in performing the thermodynamic design of a heat exchanger. Flovex is a member of Heat Transfer Research Inc. (USA) and employs the more advanced tools to make the best design of any type of cooler. The wide range of manufactured products (shell and tube heat exchangers, aircoolers, condensers, heaters) puts Flovex in the position to meet the heat exchange needs of almost every Customer. All products are manufactured both in Flovex own versions and with normative (TEMA, API, etc.) codes.


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