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Welcome to APEX Engineered Products APEX Engineered Products is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant heat transfer and process equipment solutions. Our specialty is in fabricating equipment using REACTIVE METAL, GRAPHITE and ADVANCED CERAMIC material. Our 30,000 square foot ASME Code manufacturing facility is located in Clark, PA which to many is considered the industrial heartland of America. APEX boasts one of the most diverse product lines of any heat transfer company, including shell and tube, immersion coils, process tanks, skid systems, and many other types of custom fabricated equipment. APEX also a number of engineers from various disciplines on staff including, mechanical, chemical, and material science, with a combined experience of 160 years + in the industry. APEX's manufacturing complex is ASME code certified consisiting of two separate buildings. One building is dedicated to graphite and carbon fabrications while our metal fabrication building is dedicated to the fabrication of reactive metals and nickel alloys. Our metal fabrication includes a segragated "clean room" for the most control environment while welding reactive metals.


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