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Installation Instructions

hydraulic Shrink Discs type SHS

The shrink discs are supplied assembled and ready to install.


1.The hub bore and the solid shaft must be clean and grease free.

2.Locate the shrink disc in the appropriate position. Attention: Do not activate hydraulic pressure before the shaft is in place in the hub bore.

3.Tighten the 2 screws pos. 1 back.

4.Connect the hydraulic pump (hand or electric) via a hose coupling to the hydraulic port (R 1/4“).

5.Activate the shrink disc by applying hydraulic pressure (approx. 180 bar).

6.Tighten all bolts (pos. 2) so that they are firmly seated.

Important: Make sure to fasten all bolts before releasing the hydraulic pressure.

7.Release the hydraulic pressure. Open the second hydraulic port to aid drainage. The hydraulic fluid will flow back to the pump reservoir.


1.Remove a hydraulic port plug and connect a pump hose.

2.Apply 170-200 bar pressure and loosen the bolts (2).

3.Release the hydraulic pressure and unscrew the jacking screws (1) until the shrink disc releases.

4.Make sure that the jacking screws (1) are tightened back into their original position.

5.Remove the hydraulic hose coupling and replace
the plug (2). Remove the shrink disc.





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