Jola液位计 测漏仪
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  Jola Spezialschalter K. Mattil & Co. KG的产品有液位控制器,液位传送器及测漏仪等产品。


SS, FS, TS Mercury-free floating switches and immersion probes with potential-free micro-contact
SM SM float switches
SMR SMR magnetically operated float switches
MK MK float switches
TSR, RN, TSM TSR, RN and TSM immersion probes
TSR/Ex TSR EEx immersion probes
NTR Immersion probes with free connecting cable
HMW, HA, NVM, ENVM Magnetic switches; level indicators and level controllers with magnetic switches
TSK-MWU-SKG Continuous liquid level indicators of the TSK-MWU-SKG range
PKG 4-20 Liquid Level Transmitter for continuous level
SDS/PP SDS/PP pressure head switch
ATNP Level controllers on the air bubble injection principle
EH, LWZ, S, NR, ES Electrode controls
EL/Ex, NR/Ex Electrode controls for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
PST Pump control systems
KR, ESA Protection relays and alarm relays
KR/Ex Intrinsically safe protection relays


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