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WrightFlow Technologies Proven technologies that solve your sanitary moving, measuring and dispensing application needs! Wright Flow Technologies has been formed to encompass the wide variety of fluid handling products and technologies within IDEX Corporation for sanitary and ultra pure applications. We offer innovative solutions with pumping technologies such as rotary lobe, centrifugal, circumferential piston, AODD, metering pumps and flow meters. This extensive product portfolio provides solutions to any fluid handling applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, biotech, and dairy industries. TRA20 TRA10 Classic+ SteriLobe Acculobe TRA500 TRA400 Concept SQ Mag Meter Turbine Meter T-Series AODD (FDA Materials Compliant) V-Series AODD (3A, CIP-able, FDA Materials Compliant) B-Series AODD (CIP-able, FDA Materials Compliant) Dominator AODD (CIP-able, FDA Materials Compliant)
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