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VIKING PUMP-VIKING齿轮泵 Jacketed Universal Seal Pumps Temperature Controlled Industrial-Duty Pumps Materials of Construction Cast Iron Ductile Iron Steel 316 Stainless Steel Design Features The Jacketed Universal Seal Series offers all the benefits of Viking's Universal Seal Series, but with integral heating jackets offered on the pump bracket, head, casing, and relief valve. These jackets can then be piped with heat transfer oil, steam, or hot water to precisely control the temperature. These pumps are ideal for temperature sensitive applications such as asphalt, chocolate, resin, and plastics. An enlarged bearing housing at the rear of the pump provides easy drive-end access, and accepts various sealing options including: packing component mechanical seals cartridge single-mechanical seals cartridge double-mechanical seals, and cartridge triple-lip seals. This allows drive-end access for maintenance or replacement of cartridge seals without opening the head and pulling the rotor/shaft. Some sizes also offer behind-the-rotor component mechanical seals. Ports are available in a variety of 90- and 180-degree configurations. Integral pressure relief valves are standard. Universal Seal pumps are also available in non-jacketed Universal Seal versions. The Jacketed Universal Seal Series includes the following models: 224A, 224AE, and 324A - Cast Iron Jacketed Packed Pumps 4224A, 4224AE, and 4324A - Cast Iron Jacketed Mechanically Sealed Pumps 4224B - Cast Iron Jacketed Behind-The-Rotor Mechanically Sealed Pumps 226A - Ductile Iron Jacketed Packed Pumps 4226A - Ductile Iron Jacketed Mechanically Sealed Pumps 223A & 323A - Steel Jacketed Packed Pumps 4223A & 4323A - Steel Jacketed Mechanically Sealed Pumps 227A & 327A - 316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Packed Pumps 4227A & 4327A - 316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Mechanically Sealed Pumps
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