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ROTARY POWER迄今已有35年的制造液压马达的历史, ROTARY POWER出品的液压马达广泛地应用于工业,造船,钢铁,石化及环保等行业.


Rotary Power Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of British Engines Ltd, a privately owned British-engineering company. Employing approximately 800 people, the company has its headquarters located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Rotary Power’s main activities include the design, development and manufacture of high quality hydraulic pumps and motors. Products supplied comprise the following: High torque radial piston motors Radial piston cam motors Axial piston hydraulic pumps and motors Axial piston chemical metering pumps. A continuous programme of product development ensures that our products are engineered to meet the exacting and demanding requirements of today’s hydraulic applications. With 40 years experience, Rotary Power successfully applies products to almost every industry sector including mining, forestry, construction, chemical, agricultural, mobile, industrial, marine, subsea and offshore. Up-to-date production facilities include state of the art CNC Machine Tools, gear cutting, grinding and measuring facilities. Our design and engineering department works with the latest 3-D software, which also incorporates finite element stress analysis. Cutting edge production techniques and innovative designs ensure that Rotary Power is capable of responding to customer’s ever demanding needs. Rotary Power has two wholly owned subsidiaries, Rotary Power Inc. in the United States of America and Rotary Power GmbH, based in Germany. These facilities offer sales, service and product support for the whole range of Rotary Power products. In addition, a worldwide network of distributors and agents provide sales and support to almost every corner of the globe.

ROTARY POWER LIMITED has over 35 years of experience in the design and development of high quality Hydraulic equipment. The British Engines group design manufacture and market a wide range of engineered products for offshore, electrical, construction, engineering and other industries. About Rotary Power ? SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER Sign up for latest news about our products LATEST NEWS New XF cam motor range launched 23 April 2010 Bauma 2010 saw the ideal opportunity to launch Rotary Power'...More ? Heavy-duty radial piston/eccentric configuration, offering excellent life. Withstands high mechanical and hydraulic shock loads. More about SMA Motors ? Radial piston configuration. Wheel/shaft/torque module configurations. Design offers high-speed capability. Capacities from 150 to 1120 cm3/rev. More about XL Motors ? Radial piston configuration offering static/dynamic brakes, single/2 speed, wheel/shaft & torque-module mount options. More about XK Motors ? "A" Axial Piston Pumps for heavy-duty open circuit applications. Wide range of controls. Excellent life characteristics. More about A Range ? "C" Axial Piston Pumps for high accuracy fluid metering with precision flow controls and high-pressure capability. More about C Range ? We offer manufacturers warranty on all serviced Rotary Power products amongst various other support options. More about Product Support ?



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