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Venanzetti振动电机,Venanzetti振动马达,Venanzetti Vibrazioni,VV振动电机.

两极:VV03N/2 VV05N/2 VV10N/2 VV15N/2 VV25N/2 VV35N/2(**) VV38N/2 VV40N/2 VV45N/2 VV55N/2 VV60N/2 VV67N/2 VV71N/2

4极:VV03B/4 VV05B/4 VV10B/4 VV20B/4 VV21B/4(**) VV30B/4 VV35B/4 VV38B/4 VV40B/4 VV41B/4 VV50B/4 VV53B/4 VV55B/4 VV57B/4 VV60B/4 VV67B/4 VV71B/4 VV81B/4(*) VV121B/4(*) VV15OB/4(*)

6极:VV20B/6 VV30B/6 VV35B/6 VV38B/6 VV40B/6 VV41B/6 VV50B/6 VV53B/6 VV55B/6 VV57B/6(**) VV60B/6 VV62B/6 VV65B/6 VV66B/6(**) VV67B/6 VV69B/6(**) VV71B/6 VV75B/6 VV81B/6(*) VV110B/6(**) VV121B/6(*) VV130B/6(**) VV150B/6(**) VV171B/6(*) VV221B/6(*)

8极:VV20B/8 VV30B/8 VV35B/8 VV38B/8 VV40B/8 VV50B/8 VV55B/8 VV60B/8 VV62B/8 VV65B/8 VV67B/8 VV71B/8 VV81B/8(*) VV121B/8(*) VV141B/8(*) VV171B/8(*) VV221B/8(*)

Venanzetti Vibrazioni Milano Srl Established at the beginning of the '40's to manufacture vibrating machines, Venanzetti Vibrazioni very quickly acquired a position of prime importance in this sector, also developing a small range of vibrators to operate its machines. The company now dedicates its activities to the sole production of electric vibrators and is therefore able to supply customers with a new and complete range designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the market. When it comes to supplying electric vibrators, the fundamental factors that make Venanzetti Vibrazioni a leader company are: long experience acquired in the sector, product and process innovation achieved by use of high technological content machines, a flexible and modern structure and total quality control of both the components and finished product.

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