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LOHER低压 J系列电机

J series Low-voltage motors for tailored drive solutions Overview General description Technical data overview Features Customer benefits Typical applications General description J series from Loher have a modular cooling design featuring double-flow inner cooling for a high power density and a homogeneous temperature distribution.2 versions are available: Mounted air-water heat exchanger (JNWA–... type for roller bearings / JNXA-... for sleeve bearings): Optimum cooling is guaranteed specifically for these series due to the harmonized and coordinated heat exchanger. The motor power loss is dissipated through the cooling water and is therefore de-coupled from the ambient temperature. The heat exchangers are available in a wide variety of versions with single and double pipe types. The high quality heat exchanger materials used are adapted to the specific requirements. Mounted air-air heat exchanger (type JNRA–... for roller bearings / JNQA-... for sleeve bearings): The motors are equipped with air-air heat exchangers. The cooling pipes are manufactured out of galvanized steel; stainless steel versions are available for especially aggressive atmospheres.

Technical data overview
Brief overview
Motors: JN.A / MLFB: 1PS0
Shaft heights: 355, 400, 450, 500, 560, 710
Power range: 200 kW - 5600 kW
Number of poles: 2 - 16 poles, higher pole numbers on request
Voltage range: 380 V - 950 V
Rated voltage: 380 V / 400 V / 415 V / 500 V / 660 V / 690 V
Frequency converter: Line and converter operation
Degree of protection: IP23, IP55, IP56
Cooling type: IC611, IC616, IC666, IC81W, IC86W, IC01
Type of construction: IM B3, IM B35, IM V1
Enclosure: Welded steel
Bearings: Roller bearings, sleeve bearings
Standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE
Explosion protection: N.A.
Type of protection: N.A.
without explosion protection
Noise level: max. 85 dB(A) (Load, 50 Hz), lower noise versions are available


Features Corrosion protection using special paint finishes according to the manufacturer's standard or customer's specification. The motors are available as special version for polar regions down to -40 °C or for desert regions up to + 60°C. Wide range of connection systems for large cable cross-sections, high short-circuit strength or phase-segregated version. Optimized starting and operating parameters and high efficiency by using copper bar rotors as standard. All motors have a double flow inner cooling for a high power density and a homogeneous temperature distribution. top of page Customer benefits Complies with almost all of the user requirements and specifications (no deviation philosophy) High level of acceptance in the various sectors. For instance, Shell and DOW recommend these motors Complete project documentation guarantees minimum planning costs High degree of cost effectiveness and low operating costs as a result of the optimum electrical and mechanical values High degree of variability and versatility using a welded steel enclosure (to adapt the dimensions, mounted components) top of page Typical applications Pumps Compressors Fans Blowers Crushers



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