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Chemstar Motor Surface-cooled motors according to IEC and VIK up to frame size 355 and approx. 315 kW Overview General description Technical data overview Features Customer benefits Typical applications General description The Loher Chemstar Motor is at home in the chemical and petrochemical industry. For low and medium power ratings, the Loher Chemstar series especially guarantees a maximum degree of safety, the highest level of availability and low operating costs. For power ratings up to 315 kW, this motor is the ideal drive component - as it fulfills all of the demands and requirements of the chemical and petrochemical industry. A sector-specific design takes into account the location - not only for hazardous zones (explosive areas) but also in non-hazardous zones. For instance, a high-quality paint finish and galvanized fan cowl protect against aggressive atmospheres. Anti-condensation heating is often no longer required even for extremely high air humidities. Loher Chemstar motors operate perfectly at temperatures from -55 °C up to +70 °C. These motors are even optimally suited for operation in desert and polar regions. When required, these motors can be equipped with corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws and bolts. Shaft seals in IP66 protect against water and dust. The degree of protection extends up to IP67. The enclosure is manufactured out of rugged gray cast iron and is therefore extremely resistant to corrosion, dampens vibration and has a high strength. Reinforced bearings and PTC thermistors - no problem. These adapted motors fulfill almost all user requirements and specifications.

Technical data overview
Brief overview
Motors: 1PS0 (industrial motor) Loher name: AMG.
Power range: Up to 315 kW (thermally utilized according to temperature class B at TU = 40 °C)
(50 Hz types)
Number of poles: 2 - 6 pole
Voltage range: All of the usual low voltages and voltage ranges acc. to IEC 60038
Rated voltages: 380 - 400 - 420 V / D +-5%
655 - 690 - 725 V / S +-5%
500 V +-5%
Operating mode: S1 line operation or S9 converter operation
Degree of protection: IP55, IP56, to IP67
Cooling type: IC 411, IC 416
Type of construction: IM B3, IM B5, IM B35, IM V1, IM V3, IM V5, IM V18, IM B14, IM B34 (special) 
Enclosure: Gray cast iron
Bearings: Ball bearings (standard) and special bearings for high axial (thrust) and radial forces
Standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE
Types of protection: without
Noise level: ≤ 77 dBA + 3 dBA tolerance low-noise version for 2-pole motors (GG3) possible


Features Options: Designed for ambient temperatures from -55 °C up to +70 °C Larger connection system Various fan materials SPM nipple from FS 132 Regreasing system from FS 160 - SPM nipple from FS 132 - stainless steel screws / bolts - larger connection system Additional terminal box from FS 132 - anti-condensation heating from FS 132 - condensation water drain from FS 132 PTC thermistor as the only protection (TMS) up to and including FS 250 PTC thermistor as additional protection (TMS) Also available for 60 Hz and pole-changing motors All motors with insulating material class H All motors are available with an electrical design according to "NEMA Standards Publication No MG1" Flanged motors can be designed and implemented with flange and shaft end in accordance with NEMA Availability: Fast track (dedicated production line): Quickly available within just a few working days (for standard versions) top of page Customer benefits Accepted by Shell, DOW, BAYER, Statoil, BP, ABB Lumus, Technip, and many more Fulfill almost all applications and specifications Parameter-optimized motors (adapted winding versions and rotors) achieve extremely high efficiencies with the best power factors Complete power range Also suitable for converter-based variable-speed drives top of page Typical applications Pumps Compressors Fans Extruders Can be universally used as drive for these applications


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