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TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of special Process Machines for the use in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries from about 40 years. Founded in 1970 by Renato Locatelli, TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA is grown up exlusively devoting itself to the construction of the most advanced Prototypes for the rich local market of the most developed process industries, making the innovation as its stronger point of force. Today the second generation of the family LOCATELLI applies the innovation to the business model of TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA itself, leaving to the World Wide Web the most important decision: the right product where invest the resources of TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA. This business model results winning, because it has conducted TECNOLOGIA MECCANICA to operate with an high flexibility in the world market, developing and proposing an higly innovative Product Family in a niche of market.


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