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STAMM - Leaders in Shower and Oscillator Technology for Paper, Pulp and Dewatering We are a medium-sized manufacturing company and look back on 40 years' experience. Throughout the years, we have continuously improved performance and design of our proven shower system with built-in cleaning device. Among our customers are all leading manufacturers of paper machines and paper. At STAMM, the customer is a partner and therefore the concept of quality is a top priority. Our quality management system is certified according to the EN ISO 9001 : 2000 standard. What has STAMM to offer: Customized solutions based on our long experience within the industry. The key to the service we offer is our flexibility and innovation. Design and Construction of complete shower units including the necessary periphery. If required, STAMM can install these also.

Automatic Cleaning Device for Nozzle-Spray Showers 10.900 The automatic nozzle cleaning device with its programmable intervals guarantees uniform cleaning. This device guarantees clean nozzles even in the case of showers which are difficult to reach. Principle of operation and technical details: A gear motor opens the valve "against the water pressure" and then closes it again "with the water pressure" Reducing gear made of stainless steel A spring package makes sure that valve closes securely Valve closure controlled by inductive proximity switch with a high protection standard (IP67) Electronic control unit whose parameters are easy to program Unit can be attached to existing SPC Electrical gear motor - Power supply 230/400 V, 50Hz (other voltages possible on request) - Power supply 230/400 V, 50Hz (other voltages possible on request) - Protection IP67 - Maintenance-free gears - Valve, cogwheels and cogwheel-housing made of stainless steel

Nozzle-Spray Showers with Built-In Cleaning Device A Hallmark of Quality and Reliability STAMM nozzle-spray showers with built-in cleaning device have been in successful operation for many years in the pulp, paper, board and chemical Industry. Advantages of Nozzle-Spray Showers Can be used in freshwater, clear-water and backwater applications. Considerable freshwater savings and low water consumption. Immediate cleaning of the nozzles during operation while removing dirt at the same time. Easy operation; just turn the handwheel and the cleaning device moves both axially and radially so that the dirt is removed via the valve which has now opened. High nozzle efficiency. Easy nozzle removal. The nozzles are made of high molybdenum stainless steel 1.4439 and are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit all shower applications. It is easy to alter the type of nozzle (fan-jet and needle-jet) as well as nozzle size. Nozzles are firmly attached to the shower. Easy adaptation to each shower application.

STAMM mono nozzle nozzle and threaded ring are one compact unit Advantages easy installation and dismantling even under difficult conditions reliably protected against loss by patch coating easy conversion of new STAMM nozzle plates or STAMM ruby nozzles STAMM mono nozzle made from austenitic stainless steel STAMM mono nozzle with ruby insert disk shape STAMM mono nozzle with ruby insert, for shower sizes 1.5'' to 2.5'' with brush cleaning STAMM mono nozzle with ruby insert, for shower sizes 3'' to 6'' with brush cleaning

Nozzle Plates The STAMM nozzle plates are subjected to a regular quality control check of spraying angle and water consumption. To ensure jet formation, the water pressure should be at least 1.5 bar. There is a whole range of different jet sizes and types for all applications (cleaning, conditioning, knockoff etc.), i.e.: flat-jet nozzles with an angle of 30°, 60° and 75° needle-jet nozzles spraying at an angle of 90°, jet spraying at an angle of 27°, or jets spraying from two sides at an angle of 27° All STAMM nozzles are made of high molybdenum stainless steel 1.4439 (4% to 5% molybdenum content). Special materials are also available: nozzles made of titanium for very corrosive applications needle jets with ceramic inserts (ruby jets) Delivery Programme STAMM Nozzle Plates Nozzle Plates - Resistance to Blocking -

Combination tool for mounting / dismantling of STAMM ruby nozzles and STAMM threaded rings: - secure insertion / fixation of nozzle and threaded ring - nozzle and threaded ring can be mounted or dismantled in one step - the combination tool can be used under difficult installation conditions, e.g. for "pipe-in-pipe" and "overhead" - no more messing around with unsuitable tools (e.g. screwdriver, toothpick or paper clip)

Oscillators STAMM shower oscillators ensure an effective, gentle and streak-free cleaning of wires and felts, fast and with minimum water consumption. Besides our traditional oscillators: pneumatic oscillator 10.170 S hydraulic oscillator 10.191 / 10.591 S electromechanical crank-type oscillator 10.200 E electric linear oscillator 10.510 LSE-R we recommend our newest generation of oscillators: Linear oscillator 10.510 EC with electronic control Oil-hydraulic oscillator 10.691 S with electronic control Modern STAMM oscillators have the following characteristics: synchronized wire, felt and roll cleaning in paper and board machines computer-controlled automatic synchronization of oscillation speed with the machine speed according to the wire or felt length and the jet diameter (jet-to-jet cleaning) linear, gentle oscillation with zero switchover times at the stroke limits programmable change of the stroke limit positions (stroke offset mode) cyclic programmable change of the stroke limit positions programmable quick return integrated operation control and emergency switchoff oscillator and shower bearings as a compact unit minimum energy consumption high dependability and availability low service and repair requirement



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