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DIN-Standardized Parts Gear Boxes and Geared Motors Spindles, Spline Shafts and Nuts Knobs, Handwheels, Handles, Operating Elements Bevel Gears, Worm Wheels, Worms V-Belts, Pulleys, Accessories Sprockets, Chains, Accessories Clamp Collars, Shaft Collars (Adjusting Rings) Couplings, Friction Clutches, Safety Couplings Standardized Parts and Miscellaneous Linear Motion, Linear Bearings, Precision Rail Guides Metal-Rubber-Buffers, Dampers Maintenance and Repair Sprays, Loctits Products Pneumatic Elements Block Bearings, Bushes, Drill Bushes Clamping Sets, Clamping Bushes, Taper Bushes Accuride - Telescopic Slides Universal Joints Spur Gears, Toothed Racks, Internal Gears, Ratchet Wheels Timing Belts, Pulleys, Accessories

The M?DLER group produces its parts at two manufacturing sites: Stuttgart and Hamburg. There specialised workers produce our own M?DLER-product range on the most modern CNC machinery. One-off production according to drawings or samples up to larger series. with a perfect quality control, flexible, as today’s market demands. The most important prerequisite is a highly qualified and also cost--effective production and a guarantee for shortest delivery times for all parts listed in the yellow M?DLER catalogues, the CD-ROM and the internet.

On November 9th, 1882 the foundations were laid. Bruno M?dler went self employed. He was dealing with fittings and hardware for the building industry, rivets, screws, bolts and nuts. But business went booming fast. In 1905 the company proudly moved into their first own company building. The numbers of customers, products and employees were quickly rising. Thus in the 30ies the company had about 300 employees and was one of the leading tool building and mechanical engineering companies in Germany. The beginning of the war in 1945 brought along drastic changes, also for Bruno M?dler. Two months before the end of the war: air raid on Berlin. Hardly one stone remained on the other. The M?dler company building in K?penicker Street was completely destroyed. When the rebuilding began, nobody new about the separation of Berlin that would later take place. Bad luck, that a site in East Berlin was chosen to dare a new start. The trade company was thus later managed as a trust and in 1972 the company was officially converted into public property. The branch in West Berlin, which had been started at the same time, took a different development. After the war it became the new basis for company development. But: the strong competition of the free-market economy made the company change its approach. The main goal was now to find new, promising market niches. And really, one sector that was perfectly suited could be found: gear elements, gear units, geared motors, machine building elements, standard parts and threaded spindles with accessories offered good future perspectives. And the further development showed how correct this estimation had been. 1959 the branch in Stuttgart was founded, followed by Dusseldorf in 1963. An even bigger step followed in 1968: Due to supply shortages and the high demands we have always had on quality we started to be interested in building up our own production and in 1968 we got the chance to join up with a company. This cooperation went so well, that in 1984 our first own production site, the toothing and gearing technology company M?dler GmbH, was founded. At the same time a number of other things happened: 1970: the company headquarters are moved from Berlin to Stuttgart. 1975: the subsidiary in Hamburg is founded. 1977: the business premises in Berlin are being closed. 1978: the Transnord GmbH in Hamburg is founded, with participation of the M?dler GmbH. 1978: M?dler also starts trading in the neighbouring countries. The company M?dler Norm-Antrieb AG in Feuerthalen/ Switzerland starts making business. 1988 the headquarters in Stuttgart move into their new, own premises. 1990 the subsidiary in Dusseldorf moves - for the same reason. 2004 the area in Stuttgart is extended by about 3000 sqm.



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