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LA-72A 432 MHz LA-12A 222 MHz LA-22A 144 MHz LA-62A 50 MHz PS-70D Power Supply PS-72 Power Supply PS-71D Power Supply PS-70DX Power Supply Price and Ordering Power Supply Parts
CPI -Eimac 3CX800A7 A pair of CPI-Eimac 3CX800A7 tubes will easily provide 1,500 watts output in Lunar-Link amplifiers. The maximum full load plate voltage is 2,350 VDC. Lunar-Link amplifier and RF deck packages come standard with Eimac 3CX800A7 tubes. The 3CPX800A7 pulse rated tube can be used in all LA-Series amplifiers. The CPX tube has a taller grid to anode insulator that allows higher plate voltage to be used, up to 3,000 VDC full load The 3CPX tubes will provide maximum output with minimum drive Lunar-link carries the YC-292 which is a selected 3CPX800A7. CPI -Eimac 3CPX800A7 Specifications Using the CPI-Eimac 3CPX800A7 In Lunar-Link Amplifiers. CPI-Eimac 8938 Specifications Lunar-Link Systems is able to supply CPI-Eimac 8938 tubes on a special order basis. 100313 - CX-800Ns COAXIAL RELAY PACKAGE he Lunar-Link Systems P/N 100313 is an upgrade package which adds a high power coaxial RF relay to a LA-Series RF deck. It is rated at 1500w in SSV voice & Morse Code CW operation and 1000w in digital modes. The purpose of the CX-800Ns relay package is to facilitate IN/OUT switching of a LA-Series RF deck. The RF deck is bypassed on receive allowing use with transceivers and transverters that have a single connector for transmitter output and receiver input. The CX-800Ns relay has type N female connectors. The CX-800Ns Package includes the following: DPDT CX-800Ns , special high power version of the Tohtsu CX-800N relay with 24 VDC coil. Pre-made Type N to N RF input coaxial jumper. Pre-made Type N to N RF bypass coaxial jumper. UG-57 Double Male Type N adapter. Mounting Bracket. Wired DC power cord with 2 pin Cinch connector. Mounting screws and lock washers. The P/N 100313 Coaxial RF Relay Package is compatible with any Lunar-Link Systems RF amplifier that has a type N female (UG-58) RF output connector. This include the current LA-72A, LA-62A, LA-22A and LA-12A amplifiers as well as all Lunar-Link legacy amplifier models. 100335 - CX-800M COAXIAL RELAY PACKAGE The Lunar-Link Systems P/N 100335 Coaxial Relay Package is the same as the 1000313 relay package except that a CX-800M relay with UHF connectors is provided and the supplied coaxial jumpers have mating UHF connectors. OPTION 060 PEAK READING RF POWER METER


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