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GEA Bloksma热交换器,GEA冷却器

意大利GEA BLOKSMA是世界著名的热交换器制造商,至今已有80多年的生产制造经验,产品行销全球.

GEA Bloksma is known all over the world as an innovative, dedicated and reliable heat exchanger partner. For more than 80 years GEA Bloksmas success is based upon quality products, broad experience, research & development and long-term relationships with customers.

Sales support offices:

  • GEA Bloksma-Fryer, France
  • GEA Bloksma International, The Netherlands
  • GEA Bloksma worldwide agent network

GEA Bloksma designs and manufactures its products to the highest standards to ensure a long operational lifetime and durability. If required, the products can be quality assured by all main certification societies. GEA Bloksma provides a complete after sales service from supply of spare parts to inspection, maintenance and repair.

GEA Bloksma product range:
  • Plate fin oil cooler
  • Box cooler
  • Charge air cooler
  • Safety cooler
  • Water cooler
  • Dump cooler
  • Repair cooler
  • Oil-water heater
  • Steam condenser
  • Compressor cooler
  • Service and spare parts
  • Repair service ?
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