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Johnson-Fluiten is a leading supplier and service provider of rotary unions and joints. Based in Italy and with sales offices around the globe, the company serves customers in nearly 150 countries on six continents. Johnson-Fluiten specializes in precision rotary unions and joints for rotating components to convey water, steam, air, hydraulic oil, and coolant. Johnson-Fluiten integrates 40 years of Fluiten's mechanical seal expertise and application knowledge with Kadant Johnson's advanced research and development capabilities and global sales and service network to provide our customers with a broad product and service offering worldwide. Learn more about Coolant Unions.

Johnson-Fluiten products include a wide variety of standard and custom-designed rotary unions and joints used on rotating components to convey water, steam, hydraulic oil, air, coolant, and thermal oil. To assure product availability wherever it's needed, Johnson-Fluiten rotary unions are sold and serviced in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Learn more about Johnson-Fluiten's products by clicking on a link below. Type G Rotary Unions Type R Rotary Joints Type Z Rotary Joints Type G rotary unions are high-performance, high precision unions for coolant, hydraulic oil, and air applications. Type G unions are generally applied to the machine tool industry and are designed for speeds up to 30,000 RPM and pressures up to 250 bar. Type R rotary joints are ball-bearing joints optimized for water, thermal oil, and air applications. Ranging in size from 9mm to 150mm (3/8" to 6"), type R joints offer application flexibility and long-term reliability. Type Z rotary joints are designed for demanding thermal oil applications up to 350°C and in sizes ranging from 19mm (3/4") up to 100mm (4").

Type G Rotary Union Overview The Type G Rotary Union from Johnson-Fluiten introduces a high performance, high precision union for coolant, air and hydraulic oil applications. Type G unions are generally applied to the machine tool industry for: Transfer lines Gun drills Spindles Drilling Milling Rotary index tables Based on more than 40 years of mechanical seal design and application expertise, the Johnson-Fluiten Type G rotary union line is built to perform under the most demanding conditions. A thorough understanding of seal load optimization, seal wear characteristics and application knowledge means the Type G union can provide years of reliable service for coolant, air and hydraulic oil applications. Type Media Pressure (Max) Temperature (Max) Speed Coolant Air Oil bar psi °C °F GA 105 1,500 120 250 3,500 GAI 70 1,000 120 250 3,500 GL/GLA 110 1,595 120 250 15,000 GS/GSA 70 1,000 120 250 10,000 GX/GXA 70 1,000 120 250 10,000 GZ/GZA 105 1,500 120 250 20,000 G5050 105 1,500 120 250 30,000 G2M/G4M/G5M 250 3,610 90 195 100

Type R Rotary Joint Overview Type R rotary joints are designed for water, thermal oil, and air service. The product utilizes corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and brass. The full-flow design allows for maximum flow rates with minimal restrictions. Type R joints are available in sizes from 3/8” up to 6” in both single flow and dual flow configurations. This premium line of ball bearing joints is designed for tough applications where other rotary joints fail to perform. Operating Parameters Pressure Up to 10 bar (150 psig) Temperature Up to 180°C (350°F) Speed Up to 3,000 RPM

Type Z Rotary Joint Overview Type Z rotary joints from Johnson-Fluiten are designed for high temperature thermal oil applications as well as steam and water. The joint is supported by two internal carbon guides (bearings) and can run up to 1000 rpm and 350°C. The proprietary antimony impregnated carbon seal ring is in compression sealing against the stainless steel nipple and seal plate. This seal package combination provides for a long-lasting and low maintenance rotary joint. The nipple and seal plate are machined on CNC machinery mounted on a synthetic granite baseplate. This allows for minimal vibrations and high quality machining that cannot be achieved with traditional machining centers. The type Z rotary joint is available in sizes from 19 mm to 102 mm with both flanged and threaded connections. Operating Parameters Sizes 19 mm to 202 mm (3/4" to 4") Pressure 35 bar (510 psig) Temperature 350°C (650°F) Speed Up to 1000 RPM (see PV curves below)

FLUITEN has been manufacturing MECHANICAL SEALS and carrying out industrial projects since 1962. We are engaged in the following sectors: Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & drink, Energy, Paper, Naval. Our production ranges from a 20 mm diameter water seal to the seal fitted at the bottom of a reactor column working at 350 癈. We are always quick to adopt the latest technologies and are continuously researching for new developments and new materials. The results of these researches are evident in our products, accurately addressing every detail, matching our customers' requirements and urgency. The success of FLUITEN is due largely to the people we employ. They show great commitment and dedication, some having worked for the company for over 30 years. A happy and contented workforce reflects in our low staff turnover. We endeavour to involve employees in the day to day running of the business, like one large family. We also have an excellent relationship with our customers who report that they have confidence in us because of the service we provide. FLUITEN is still a Company using the best of human capability and I underline how Customers report that we are all focused on giving them the maximum in terms of confidence and cooperation. The enforcement of ISO 9000 and Vision 2000 standards only officialised the procedures which FLUITEN had already been using for many years in all of its production processes. Quality is a behaviour line that we have been following for many years and that we want always to improve on, thanks also to our Customers' counselling and feedback. Our metrological laboratory is the real evidence that FLUITEN's Quality is synonymous with Reliability. Download PDF Certifications More than 20 years ago - since the early 80's - FLUITEN was producing seals for centrifugal compressors at 12 000 rev/min. Today all of our tests satisfy the most severe standards of the American Petroleum Institute. Recently, we have designed and produced seal rings for machine tools, suitable for operation at pressures higher than 100 bar and extremely high speeds (30-40,000 rpm) and suitable for dry-running condition to meet the market demand. Furthermore, we are the benchmark for the Italian mixer manufacturers and work with them, carrying out dynamic tests that simulate the real operating conditions. FLUITEN has achieved success by making the decision to involve our Customers and working together in the continuous search for new applications.


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